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"Haggard and Jones mixed with Rock N' Roll" 

The catchy chorus from Wreckin' So's cut "Saturday Night Fix" off their latest album of the same name is the perfect description of the 4 Piece Southern Rock band. Hailing from different areas of the Interlake combining powerful song writing, singing and instrumental performances that leave every crowd in awe Wreckin' So shows no signs of slowing down. Recently the band opened for Cheap Trick and left such an impression on Cheap Trick and the crowd that the legendary Rick Nielsen had Wreckin' So guitarist Ronnie Ladobruk use his vintage Les Paul and come out to perform "Surrender" with them. No matter where they go Wreckin' So leaves an impression.

In the past year Wreckin' So has shared the stage with acts such as Quiet Riot, Nazareth, Buckcherry, Three Days Grace, Default, Harlequin just to name a few. Playing some of the biggest and most acclaimed venues, events and becoming one of the most in demand bands in Central Canada.  
Will you become a fan? I Wreckin' So. 





"Hillbilly Blues"

"Keep Talkin" 

"Saturday Night Fix"

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